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Ford Developing Solid Self-Driving Features

Cars that can drive themselves seem to be on the near  horizon! Exactly a century ago, Henry Ford forever changed transportation by mass producing the automobile and making it affordable to more people. Many believe that the advent of self-driving technologies will cause a similar seismic shift in vehicle travel in particular and transportation in general by making driving easier, safer and accessible to more people.

While not as revolutionary as its founder’s assembly-line innovation approximately 100 years ago, Ford took baby steps toward fully autonomous vehicles by unveiling two prototype technologies this week that take control of a car. One will help drivers avoid obstacles, while the other will help them park — from inside or outside the car.

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The State of NY Adds Texting Safe Zones

Great idea to help with distracted driving! “It Can Wait” is a slogan and campaign from AT&T to discourage drivers from texting. And if it can’t wait, New York is giving drivers a safe place to text by providing statewide “texting zones” at rest areas and turnouts.

The state is also posting nearly 300 signs along major highways with the phrase “It can wait” and the number of miles before the next texting location to encourage drivers to pull over before picking up their smartphone.  Starting with 91 designated zones, the trial program recently announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo is part of the state’s effort to reduce the number of distracted drivers.

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