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8 Consumer Tips That Will Annoy Car Salesmen

Gain power and control over car salesmen with these 8 powerful tips.

The website Reddit asked car salespeople to weigh in on this. What’s something you don’t want customers to know when buying a car?

What took place was a wide-ranging discussion on the frustrating and often intimidating process of negotiating for a new or used vehicle. Overall, the consensus was the same: People who do their research and come armed with information stand a much better chance at nabbing a great deal. And when you’re negotiating on a car, one of the best advantages you have is patience.

From that discussion, here are eight moves that drive car salespeople crazy:

1. Using your phone to check prices. “As a former car salesman our greatest fear was your smartphone,” one contributor wrote. “If we gave you a number and you had a smartphone in your hand with Autotrader or some other site pulled up, we were neutered.”

2. Asking for the sales manager. The salesperson approaching you on the lot has no power. The sales manager is the one making decisions, and customers can ask to speak directly to that person. “You won’t believe how many times we were told what to say to a customer,” wrote one person who said he was a former car salesman. “I started hating myself. I even started smoking and my anxiety was through the roof.”

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Nearly Half Of Drivers Failed Drivers Tests

Have you ever notice that there are bad drivers all around you?

New results show nearly half of the 500 drivers who took a quiz of 20 driver’s test questions failed to get a passing score of 80%, according to results released last March by

The questions, drawn from state practice tests, covered basics such as signs and rights of way. The questions missed most often involved when to stop for school buses and pedestrians. (You can take the Driver’s License Quiz for yourself to see how you compare.)

Women averaged a score of 78%, compared with 71% for men. And experience seems to help: Drivers under age 40 scored an average of 67% correct, and those over 40 scored an average of 79%

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Fiat Surprises Employees With A Great Marketing Campaign

It is Valentines Day in Italy.

Some Fiat employees at two Italian factories got a surprise last week: their foreign-made cars from brands such as Volkswagen and Peugeot had been “wrapped up” in a giant plastic bag, with a Valentine heart on top. The message in Italian translated into: “Seeing you with someone else breaks my heart. But we’re still thinking of you anyways.” The message was printed on top of a red heart with a crack running from top to bottom.

No, it wasn’t a jilted lover. It was a promotional campaign created by Fiat’s marketing office, along with public relations agency So Simple, to try to entice employees at its in factories in Mirafiori, near Turin, and Pomigliano, near Naples, to take advantage of a special discount on new Fiats.

As the puzzled employees pulled the plastic from their cars, they were approached by members of the agency’s staff who handed them brochures outlining a 1,000-euro discount that is now being offered in addition to Fiat’s standard employee discount, which is 12 percent to 26 percent depending on the model.

Automakers around the world offer their employees generous discounts on new cars, and frown on seeing cars from rival brands in their parking lots. But few automakers have gone as far to try to woo their own workers.

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Millennials Prefer to Shop Online Rather Than In The Showroom

Not surprisingly, young consumers skip the showroom and buy right online.

When 20- and 30-somethings go car shopping, they’re likely to ask their friends for help – their Facebook friends, that is. The youngest generation of car buyers is far more likely to turn to social media for advice than head for the showroom, according to an eBay Motors study.

More than nine of 10 so-called millennials — “Generation Y” babies born between 1980 and 2000 — turn to the Internet when shopping for a new car or truck, according to the eBay research.

They aren’t alone. A separate study found that the majority of buyers now go online to begin the car buying process – and more than half will be strongly influenced by what their friends have to say on Facebook.

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