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Car Accidents Can Be More Dangerous To Teenagers Then Bullying

Today high schools focus on how to handle bullies and not to do drugs, however most teachers never focus on the most dangerous aspect of a young adults life which is driving.

The survey, released Monday by the National Safety Council, a nonprofit advocacy group, found that most parents polled —76 percent — underestimated the risk of teens being involved in car crashes.

“The biggest threat to teens’ safety is sitting in the driveway,” Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and chief executive of the National Safety Council, said in a statement. “The statistics have shown this for years, yet too many parents still do not appreciate that the first year of driving is a particularly deadly time in a teen’s life.”

The poll was released in observance of National Teen Driver Safety Week, held this year from October 18-24.

The results pointed out that while parents may be unaware of the scope of the problem, many understood why teens crash. Seventy-two percent correctly identified lack of experience or poor decision making as leading factors. However, far fewer parents said they enforce rules that help reduce crash risks, according to the survey, and a significant percent said they do not supervise their teens’ driving for the recommended amount of time during the restricted licensing stage.

The council recommends that parents spend at least 50 hours supervising their teens behind the wheel, including 10 at night, during inclement weather or in other challenging driving situations.

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Connectivity Is The New Must Have Feature For Your Car

Years ago companies added a personal DVD player to the vans to entertain kids during long road trips. Now we have taken it a step further with the vehicles own personal Wi-Fi so that they watch videos on their iPad’s and play games to keep themselves busy making it a highly desired feature.
AT&T and Ericsson, a communication technology and services company, have conducted their second annual global connected-car study. The data was gathered from customers likely to buy a car in the next three years in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and China.
According to the study, “connectivity in cars” includes wireless Internet allowing certain apps — such as streaming music, navigation services with real-time traffic updates and restaurant services — to run from your dashboard.
In the study, Wi-Fi hotspot availability ranked as the No. 1 feature U.S. customers are willing to purchase for their car; also, U.S. consumers would prefer to add their wireless car-connectivity services to a shared data plan.
There are a few connectivity concerns we thought of, though:
1. You might get the sense “Big Brother” is watching.
2. This could be a huge driving distraction on the road.
3. The software could become out of date rather quickly with the technology cycle always changing.
4. Hacking is always a possibility

Chris Penrose, senior vice president of the Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility, ensures consumers that the company has the customer’s best interest in mind. Penrose said that AT&T plans to use the information it gathers from consumers for good, that there are rules and regulations put in place to keep drivers safe and that the old software will be easy to switch out with new software.
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Katie Couric And Michelin Partner Up To Protect Teen Drivers

Every generation youth become smarter and more resourceful from the interenet and social media, to how to work electronics, the one thing they lack is driver safety.

When it comes to basic car safety, many draw a blank, studies show.

They know they’re supposed to wear seat belts and not text while they drive, but they are ignorant about how caring for tires can save their lives.

That’s where Michelin comes in. The tiremaker’s North American operation is launching a safety campaign aimed at teen driver safety. It’s joining with veteran newswoman Katie Couric, now with Yahoo, to try to educate teens.

The campaign ties into National Teen Driver Safety Week. But for Couric, it’s personal. She says she’s gone through worries about driving safety with her own kids. The campaign also dovetails with lessons from her book, The Best Advice I Ever Got.

Even though about 15% of car crashes involve improper tire pressure, many teens don’t know how to check pressure or what the tire pressure warning light on a car means, says Michelin North America President Pete Selleck.

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Top Cars That Surpass A Decade Of Driving

Rather than buying a new car owners keep fixing up their old cars, therefore increasing the overall average age that owners keep them for.
Just as the U.S. population is aging with the Baby Boomer generation passing into retirement, the nation’s fleet of cars and trucks is likewise approaching senior citizen status. The average age of all light-duty vehicles in the U.S. has reached a new all-time high of 11.5 years according to IHS Automotive. A separate study conducted found that two in three consumers are now driving vehicles with over 100K miles on the odometer.
Not only do those numbers account for a majority of models being piloted by their second or third owners, an average 13.5 percent of cars a decade or older are held onto by their initial purchasers, according to a study conducted by the car shopping website, with some models boasting over 26 percent long-term ownership.
At that, 15 models were found to be at least 1.5 times more likely to kept by their original owners. All of them are imports, including nine Toyotas, five Hondas and a single Subaru; we’re featuring the full list with pertinent percentages noted in the accompanying slideshow.
“While it’s not surprising that many Toyotas and Hondas made the list as they have based their reputations on reliability, what is surprising is the makeup of the cars,” says Phong Ly,’s CEO. To that end, 10 out of the top 15 models cited are crossover SUVs and minivans. “These vehicles tend to be largely family cars, so if people buy these cars when they are just starting their families, it stands to reason that these cars would suit them for many years,” says Ly.
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