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Soon You Will Be Able To Purchase Your Car Online With A Simple Click OF A Button

The online shopping world continues to expand to a appoint that it includes automotives that you can buy and sell.
Would you buy a car online without a test drive, or even having seen it in person?
OK, maybe a new car from a well-known dealer.
But what about a used one, from a seller you have never met?
A growing number of stakeholder groups across the automotive industry—led by eBay EBAY +0.00% Motors and BMW—are betting that you will.
Price is certainly one reason. It can be significantly cheaper to market a new or used vehicle online rather than maintain the expense of a fully functional automobile dealership or car lot. These reduced costs can be passed on to sellers in the form of lower prices.
Selection is another big advantage of online car selling. The ability to merchandise vehicles from multiple dealers and/or sellers in one place creates a convenient one-stop shop for buyers. It also changes the dynamic of haggling over the price of a vehicle into electronic communication, which is more comfortable for today’s car-buying demographic, which is increasingly younger and female.
Furthermore, mobile technologies will also allow customers to take a “virtual test drive” if they would still like the experience of sitting behind the wheel before they make a purchase decision.
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Airbags, One Of The Cars Most Important Safety Features

There are something’s we take advantage of when it comes to our car, such as the brakes will work and the airbag will stop as much damage as possible.
Over the decades automakers have developed airbags to mitigate injuries from frontal impacts as well as those from the side, including rollovers, but until recently manufacturers and parts suppliers have not addressed the dangers associated with occupants suffering injury through contact with one another or parts of a vehicle’s interior during a crash. GM was the first to announce center-mounted airbags starting in 2013, and Toyota and Mercedes-Benz have been testing similar systems.
That could change soon as regulatory agencies are giving this technology a second look.
“We are experiencing rising interest in this new airbag technology and Euro NCAP is currently assessing new side impact test protocols for 2018 and beyond,” said Dirk Schultz, global engineering director, ZF TRW Inflatable Restraints Systems. “If implemented, we believe that many new vehicles could require far-side airbag modules.”
German supplier ZF TRW has developed a new center airbag design aimed at protecting occupants in “far-side” and “near-side” crashes, in which the vehicle sustains an impact from the side and occupants hit each other, even if side-impact airbags deploy as designed.
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Watch Out On The Road, Drive Safely

On the road it is not always you, that you have to worry about, but the other drivers out there. Safety experts are trying to figure out just why the U.S. traffic fatality rate increased in the first half of 2015 versus the same period a year ago, but inevitably, choices drivers and passengers made, like drunk, drowsy or distracted driving, played a big role, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation and its National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The first-half estimate is that 16,225 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes, an increase of 8.1 percent versus a year ago, NHTSA said last week. An estimate for the first nine months of 2015 is due in late December, the agency said.
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called the high number of fatalities “a call to action,” in a written statement.
NHTSA last week announced it would hold a series of meetings around the country in early 2016 to discuss so-called “behavioral safety programs.” That is, dangers that drivers and passengers pose to themselves, in addition to the agency’s emphasis on safety defects in autos or in highway design.
Besides impaired or distracted driving, other “behavioral” examples include speeding, and failing to wear seat belts or use child seats. NHTSA is also looking into new ways to protect pedestrians and cyclists, the agency said.
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Why More Accidents Happen During The Thankful Time Of Year

During the Thanksgiving long weekend there is an increase in spending and saving across the country, but unfortunately there is also an increase in driving accidents.
The pattern of insurance claims tracks pretty well what one would expect, with a big increase from Black Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, to Black Monday, the Monday after, although by then the bump in accidents subsides, according to data from Progressive Insurance.
Holiday cheer probably has a role in a lot of accidents on Black Wednesday and on Thanksgiving Day itself. On Thanksgiving night, accidents increase by 20 percent above average, and 35 percent of accident claims involve only one vehicle, the company said.
If you go out on Black Wednesday, be sure to get a designated driver. It’s the safest way to make sure you get home safe and sound,” the insurance company said in a recent analysis of claims data for Thanksgiving Week since 2010.
On Thanksgiving Day, a lot of people could also be getting a jump on Black Friday sales, judging by an increase in claims related to parking and backing up, the company said — a rush to midnight sales, maybe? Progressive said 31 percent of accidents on Thanksgiving Day were backing or parking-related.
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