At Snyder’s we are extremely proud of our facility. We feel that a quality organization will have a quality acility to operate in. For this reason we take pride in the fact that we continually reinvest a large percentage of our income back into the infrastructure of Snyder’s. This investment has provided Snyder’s with the best facility of any automotive recycler in central Texas.

Snyder’s currently occupies 20 acres of land in southern Bell county. The entire yard is fenced and the parking lot and building area is lined with color coordinated galvalume tin.

Three large buildings dominate the main compound area. One building is our vehicle processing facility. In this building we have 3 bays fully equipped with vehicle lifts, compressed air, waste fluid pump, and other systems designed to facilitate the environmentally friendly dismantling of our salvage vehicles. All vehicles pass through this building before continuing to their temporary resting place in the yard.

The second of the three buildings, and also the largest, is a combination of offices, waiting room, small parts warehouse, engine and transmission warehouse, core warehouse, shipping, and loading dock. All of this is accomplished using 2 levels and a large amount of shelves and racking to hold the parts.

The third building is our body shop. This building has 3 large double bays, a frame machine, a paint booth, as well as a specially designed compressed air system. In this building we employ I-CAR certified body men who rebuild previously damaged vehicles for resale. This rebuilding process is discussed in further detail in our “REBUILDERS” section.

All of the above buildings are tied together with concrete slabs allowing easy access to all buildings in any weather with any of our warehouse or yard forklifts. Also found between the buildings housed on racks are complete front end assemblies, door assemblies, pickup beds, wheels, and rear end assemblies.

Great strides have been made in the last several years at Snyder’s. We have constantly reinvested in our facility because we feel that quality recycled parts must be stored in a quality environment in order to preserve them in pristine condition. Even though we already have a very good automotive recycling facility we will not become complacent. We will continue to improve and invest in our infrastructure so that we may serve you the customer better, and preserve the quality recycled auto and truck parts that soon will be at home on your vehicle.