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Sales Support - Snyder's

Snyder's Auto and Truck Parts Sales Support Team

Please make a note of our updated Sales contacts and share or forward it to your family, friends, neighbors or business associates that may be in need of top-quality auto parts. Good Selling and Thank you for your business.

Alonzo Mendoza Ext 125 snyders.sales125@snydersalvage.com
Ammie Mendez Ext 145 snyders.sales145@snydersalvage.com
Angie Salgado Ext 113 snyders.sales113@snydersalvage.com
Beth Holland Ext 114 snyders.sales114@snydersalvage.com
Casey Arthur Ext 121 snyders.sales121@snydersalvage.com
Daniel Edwards Ext 141 snyders.sales141@snydersalvage.com
Dayne Dembinski Ext 129 snyders.sales129@snydersalvage.com
Gary Baker Ext 142 snyders.sales142@snydersalvage.com
Johnny Jones Ext 122 snyders.sales122@snydersalvage.com
Johnny Darbyshire Ext 123 snyders.sales123@snyderslvage.com
JP Padron Ext 118 snyders.sales116@snydersalvage.com
Keith Roddy Ext 120 snyders.sales120@snydersalvage.com
Lupe Casanova Ext 104 snyders.sales104@snydersalvage.com
Mike Thomason Ext 115 snyders.sales115@snydersalvage.com
Gary Pagliaro Ext 127 snyders.sales127@snydersalvage.com
Richard Canady Ext 133 snyders.sales133@snydersalvage.com
Scott Burgess Ext 118 snyders.sales118@snydersalvage.com
Sommer Joseph Ext 126 snyders.sales126@snydersalvage.com
Terry Jones Ext 190 snyders.sales190@snydersalvage.com
Kevin Crowley Ext 119 snyders.salesmgr@snydersalvage.com
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